100 Years of Memories

What is your favorite TSFA Memory from the last 100 years? Let us know! Include a memory and/or a picture that you would like to share.

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What is your favorite memory?

Here are some of the memories that have already been shared:

Name : Dianna Nordman
Company : TSFA
City : Austin

I enjoy TSFA's Legislative Days at the Texas Capitol and the Capitol beautiful floral displays in the Ground Floor Rotunda. You never know who is going to stop by the display. In this picture, Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples visits Nancy Wharton and Fabion Salcedo!


Name: Rey Rodriguez
Company: A Rey of Flowers
City: Pleasanton

My very first convention was held at the gorgeous Renaissance Hotel in Austin, i was overwhelmed with the beauty of flowers that greeted me at the registration desk and especially as you made your way down the escalators to the event. It was breathtaking. This was also the convention at which i made a long time friend with a wonderful Lady that passed away recently, but she introduced me to other florists helping to make my 1st experience a memorable one.

Name : Ken Senter
Company : The Senterpiece
City : Houston

In 1979/80 I was running for director for TSFA. There were some past presidents of TSFA sitting at a table during one of the dinners. They were all powerful florists. Red Garrison, Dusty Ono, and Joe Blanton. Dusty Ono pulled me to the side and said that Red wanted to vote for me, but would only do so, if I went up to him and asked for his vote. I was never so nervous as I was that moment. It turned out to become a great moment in my floral career.

Name : Jack Weatherford
Company : Weatherford Farms, Inc.
City : Stafford

LAD_2003.jpgLegislative Action Day. Tuesday Feb.25, 2003. It was my first real involvement with TSFA and one I will not forget. The night before, Austin was hit by a severe ice storm and LAD had to be cancelled. We agreed to come back on Thursday to deliver position papers and roses to the congressional offices. Only five of us showed up. I'll never forget Dianna sending me on my way with a map of the capital, a list of offices and as many roses as I could carry. Our little group, Chad Freytag, Nancy Wharton, Kathy Blevins, Jack Cross, Dianna Nordman and I, visited 181 offices. It was a wild day and a great experience.

Name : Pat Shirley-Becker AIFD TMFA
City : Austin

Pat Shirley-Becker, President in 2008-2009, shared some of her memories in picture form: 

DSCN3480.JPGdscn1015.jpg DSCN1135.JPG

Name : Renee Carpenter AAF TMFA
Company : MC Florist
City : Houston

To me two people we recently lost reflected what TSFA is all about because neither one ever met a stranger. At my first convention in 1990 Jim Orr introduced himself & invited me to sit at his table that night. When I arrived at the new member reception (prior to dinner) he met me at the door and called me by name. I met Tubby Adkisson AAF TMFA at a design retreat. She had a glass of wine in one hand and a bottle in the other. We were wearing the same shoes & were instantly friends. I will hold both Jim & Tubby in my heart forever. Throughout the years it was Ms. Mabel, LaVon, Judy, & The Debs who carried the torch and became great ambassadors for TSFA, so I guess for me it's always been about the incredible people within the floral industry I have been blessed to call friends.

Name : Kathi Thomas
Company : Kathi Thomas Designs
City : Austin

My favorite memory has to be a TSFA convention party that was circus themed. Wayne Fisher came as "the tattooed lady"- I'm not sure anyone knew it was actually him til the next day. I just hope someone has a photo of him in costume.:)

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