The Texas Cup Competition | 2017

will be held at Dallas Market Center

January 21, 2017

We are so pleased that for the second year, the Dallas Market Center has extended an invitation to TSFA
to be part of the January Market
Dallas Market Center
International Trade Plaza
Dallas, Texas
Chair Alan Masters AIFD

To register for this prestigious Competition please click on the link below:

Texas State Florists' Association

Texas Designer of the Year Rules

Texas Designer of the Year Categories

2016 Texas Cup Winner

Alan Masters AIFD CFD

2nd Place Texas Cup

Denise Gehrke AIFD PFCI

3rd Place Texas Cup

Angela Lamberth

2015 Texas Cup Winner

Chris Collum AIFD CFD TMF

2nd Place Texas Cup

Alan Masters AIFD

3rd Place Texas Cup

Nora Cisneros TMFA